Reasons why Growth Technique is a valuable tool for service industries.

Improve visibility of customer information
In traditional way, sales/field reps have kept their customer details on paper or back at the office. But when the number of customers increase, the more difficult to manage. When sales/field reps on site task, they need all their information to handy quickly.
With GT solution, sales/field reps can see all their accounts, contacts, opportunities, tasks, and events in one place, providing a convenient, organized, 360-degree view of the customer.

Contact Management
It’s important for sales/field reps to know much about their customer accounts to build a good working relationship with them.
With GT solution, they can access each customers’ complete purchasing history, so they can develop an account strategy for each customers and action plan including follow-up activities, meeting etc.

Time is money
Sales/field reps is your biggest sales expense. No more excuses for sales/field reps to says ‘I don’t have enough time’ to close deals.
With GT solution enables you and the sales/field reps to track and manage their activities in a timely and efficient. View calendars & notification and upcoming tasks quickly and easily and focus on current opportunities.

Real-time Reporting
With too many information to manage, it’s important to run reports to get a consolidated overall picture of your business.
GT solution provides the opportunity for management to view reports such as number of customers sales/field reps haven’t visited, sales order, best-selling product and much more.

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