Attendance & Location Tracking

View & manage your employee’s task & activities anywhere and at any time.

Work attendance & Leave

Attendance and leave approval through mobile application. Saving cost and time.

Check In-Out update

Activities & task will be tagged with locations whenever your employees checked-in to a site visit, servicing, delivery etc.


Daily activities log

Plan & manage employees work activity and daily performance monitoring.

Task & activities history

View & manage your employee schedule visits and history outcomes from field locations.

Plan & Assign Task

Schedule or reschedule tasks easily and in an organise manner


Sales order Management

Keeping an eye on your customer sales order, stock count, stock level, purchase history and more.

Stocks Count

Seamlessly track stock count, set up automated reminder to place orders when low stock level.

Sales Order

Stay informed of order status is there's any discrepancies or problems with orders.


Paperless Form

Eliminate paper-works based system, easy access and update information at fingertips all the time.

Expenses & Claim

Review, approve or reject expenses claim via mobile device.

Online-Offline support

Task update can be accessible without internet connection. Sync back data to the server when there is an internet access.


Task Management

Empower your employees work more productively and efficiently.

Task Manager

Keep track of employee tasks completed or delayed.

Task Planner

Organizing or prioritizing tasks and work scheduling.



Access your dashboards from anywhere and anytime to get real-time reports of your businesses.

Task & Activities

View Employee's performance and other parameters such as: Sales Activities, claims and distance traveled

Attendance & Expenses Reports

Get real-time visibility into employee's attendance, leave and expenses claim.

Sales Report

Keep track of your key sales performance metrics and optimize your sales execution.

Notification Feeds

Announce important news, info updates and promotional offers to keep your employees updated and engaged.