Drive sales & grow your business

Why Growth Technique?

Easy to work

Our solution keeps your field force engaged regardless where they are. With just a few clicks, you will be able to know their sales and service performance.

Save time & money

With our app, your field force can enter all the details of their task, schedule and sales details while on the move. Productivity is uncompromised and you can keep your cost is under control.

Location tracking

Our energy efficient location tracking allows task scheduling on real-time basis. Getting the route of your field force has never been easier.

Business booster

With our sales order tool, it helps your sales team take sales order from their client efficiently with just a few clicks.



Growth Technique solution automates the field force working style, which leads to better and timely visibility along with the market reach up to the last mile without clumsy paperwork.

Customer Info

360° customer view such as: Contacts, Opportunities, Task.

Sales Performance

View sales performance, sales orders with insightful analytics dashboard.

Task Management

View & assign task activities to the employees immediately.


Monitor product movement on daily basic such as: Price list update, promotional, stock level

Task & activities

Task & activities update online/offline support.


Paperless on expenses claim submission.

Real time

Real time photo capture proof of the work being carried out on site.


Receive instant message notification from the management.



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6 Months



1 Year




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